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A year ago

It's weird,  To sit,  Look far into the horizon,  Think about,  How different were things,  A year ago. 
I was torn,  Between, "Fighting For What You Want" and  "What Meant For You Will Be Yours". 
I was torn,  Between,  "Don't go back to what had hurt you" and  "Don't easily give up". 
It was a fight,  Neither you and I,  Can win.  For I have long lose it,  Even before it begins. 
It was a fight,  In a broad day light, Now that you are out of my sight,  With all my might,  I pray we will be alright.


I ended my life story with a deep sigh.

He look at me, accepting and started his words of comfort.
"You know what?" 
"You have a big heart." 
I burst a tiny shy laugh. Trying to deny his statement. 
"Yeah. True. And you are such are strong person too." 
"And why would you say that?" 
"You know what actually being strong is? Being strong is the ability to forgive a person although the person is not even sorry. Strong, is you." 

1/2 2016

Half year had passed.  I saw my facebook memories appeared on my timeline reminding me about my statuses from years ago to reflect how my half year had been. 
How yours had been? 
I was commonly busy with work. (Of course, what else had I been busy with?). Half a year I had been travelling all over the place. Visited 4 countries in 6 months was an achievement. Despite the busy work schedule I have no idea how I find time and money to insert my travel in between. There were also plenty of caves, waterfall, mountains and sea have been explored throughout all my hiking and camping trips. Running less this year but I managed to catch up with 2 marathons. I was busy shifting to my new place. Sesi kemas barang aku jumpa banyak baju dan jersey aku dapat dari event aku join. So I had been distributing all those t-shirt I got to the people in need. I donated my clothes, to clear my wardrobe. I help me feel at ease at better about myself. Plus I go and feed the stray cats and dogs, somehow thi…