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Siem Reap, Cambodia - Life on the water

I dozed off on my 30 minutes tuk-tuk ride from Siem Reap town to the Tonle Sap lake. Nick on the other hand was busy taking photos of the view throughout the journey. Once we arrived at the ticketing counter, we were told that the water level is very low now during this dry season, therefore large boat will not be able to reach the lake. We need to change into smaller boat to reach the lake.

First, we need to pay 15 USD for the boat ride. I already started to grumble for the pricy ticket. Nick looked at me with the thoughts to turn back to the town most likely, but in the end we decided to proceed as we already got there. We entered the big boat, only the two of us and 3 locals Cambodian, the guide, the boatmen and another lady at the back.

The guide started his story, explaining about the hard life of the people on the lake. He spoke in English very well, and he mentioned he learnt to speak in English from a foreign volunteers. Their livelihood is affected by the sudden changes of th…