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You leave too soon

It was one gloomy afternoon when they broke the news to me. The news that you are gone. It was pretty common back then when you are rarely home due to your constant work, but that very evening was the devastating news you never get to return.

I was just a small girl, I had no feeling when they told me. Perhaps, at that time I don't understand what it's like losing someone so dear to me. What kind of response you expect from a 5 year old little girl? Should I cry? Should I be sad? Should I pretend as if I don't know anything? I was just numb, merely because of the sombre atmosphere at the house at that moment. My final memory was seeing your eyes shut, with your calm face in your eternal sleeping chamber right before they carried you out from the house. I initially refuse to see you but I was forced to pay my final respect, and I glad they did forced me because that image of you stick in my head until today.

You leave too soon, Mother.

There are so many things that had happ…


Bintang memerlukan kegelapan,
Untuk bersinar. 
Kadang-kadang,  Bintang itu perlu jatuh,  Supaya bintang yang lain  Boleh bersinar. 
Agak tahi juga la, jadi bintang yang jatuh itu. 
Tahi bintang betul!