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Life is delicate

I almost lost my life in a freak car accident.

I was excited for a vacation, my first diving experience and to get away from my never ending work stress. But that excitement turned down after our journey began with a crash with a freaking cow.

It was a very early morning trip to the east coast. I was asleep when I was awaken by a loud explosion sound. I thought I heard an explosion, actually, we ramp onto a cow that came out of nowhere onto the fast lane. 
I open my eyes, I could only see darkness. I heard screams. I saw airbags inflated, glass shattered. Then in a split seconds I saw Jesus, and my whole life flashes in front of my very eyes. I saw images when I was a kid. I saw my life in primary schools. I saw my friends I met in high schools, university and my colleagues. I saw my family members, my loved ones. I am just stunned. I want to scream but no sound coming out from my mouth. I want to say a prayer, I couldn't remember any. I seriously thought I am going to die. I am n…