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A painful yet rewarding hike. Ti

Today is the 3rd day after my Gunung Ledang hike. I got to say, I've climbed a number of mountains so far, Ledang really gimme so much pain. Walaupun setiap kali aku buat aktiviti yang mencabar daya tahan dan fizikal macam ni, tak juga serik serik. haha. 
I have the choice to continue sleeping and enjoy my sleep during my weekend. But I decided to wake up at 5am to get ready and undergone a strenuous 5 hours hike to the summit. The winning feeling is there when you reach the top. But it is not even near over. Took me another 3.5 hours down and greeted with a very heavy downpour at the foot hill. My legs turned jelly at this point.  
Many times I was alone in the woods, got separated from my group. I questioned myself why do I agree to join the hike. Many times I have cursed myself, and everything for the pain I suffered. Many times I think of quitting, turn around and go back to mount foot. Sweat and pain, unbearable. With little strength I have, I choose to make small steps …