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Life Purpose

It's January 2015. New Year. New Fresh start. Kononnya la. Whats so different with the past year? Same old, same old. Well my 2014 was awesome, but I am not going to brag about it here. Oh, maybe a little bit.. ;p 
One friend posted me a question about "What is her life purpose?" Well, not just one friend. A number of people I had a chat with this month wondering about their life purpose. Mostly in their 20s. But there were also people in their 30's and 40's and 50's still wondering about their life purpose. 
It got me thinking..What is my life purpose? Most of us, we had no idea what to do with our lives. I never imagined I would end up with this job back then. I had thought about career change. The truth is, not all got their life figured. 
I found one important factor be happy with your life is to be grateful. I am sincerely grateful with how I turn up today. Its been pretty amazing. The next ugly truth is, we all going to die. So live. Chase your dreams. …