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November 2014 - in a nutshell

We are almost reaching towards the end of 2014.  How's yours?  I am not even near to be rich  and still ugly as always but yeah, mine had been pretty amazing! 
November had been another very busy month. Series of work event. Lots of travelling. 
Flew to Penang for Penang Bridge Marathon.  Flew to Kuching for friend's bachelorette party. 
In between there were meetings and work events.  Body cant take it anymore. Fell terribly sick. One of the most terrible fever I got this year. Body turn jelly. Heh! But now I have recovered and I feel win! 
Watch a hilarious musical theater. Catch up with many different old friends (it made me realized I have many amazing friends + all the different stories how i met them at different chapters of my life)  Finally, company's annual dinner. 
That pretty much sum up my November. 
December. Gonna be a season to be jolly! 

Running with a dream in my heart.

I would never thought I would run 10km. I would never expect I would even want to do that. Early this year I have decided to challenge myself to run further. Its a challenge for my mental strength and a test for my physical fitness that had long been neglected.

I would say I still got. I doubt myself at the beginning of the run. I was afraid of my old leg injury will haunt me but thank God, no leg cramps. It was a nice day for running. So we ran. My friends and I got separated in the crowds. We all cross the finishing line successfully. Satisfied. 
Looking back. I am focus on how far I have come. Life is incredible. Manage to meet up some old friends. Catching up was great. It was a weekend well spent and I am happy. I miss the feeling of winning. Obtaining another medal. Its an achievement and a great life story. 
While I was running, I can relate it with life.
Life is a marathon.
Keep going on when it hurts.
Keep going on when it sucks.
Look pass through it.
Run forward. Progress to…

Heavy chested

Do you know that feeling? That heavy in the chest feeling when you leaves home? 
Aku tak ingat aku baca kat mana. Aku baca banyak benda. Mungkin juga orang pernah cakap kat aku. Dorang cakap, pena kan perasaan jadi perkataan. Maka kamu aku jadi kurang marah. Kurang sedih. Kurang depressi. Sebab tu aku muncul balik kat sini. Menulis perasaan. 
Dorang ada cakap juga. Exercise regularly. Benda exercise ni suatu ketika dahulu, sangat aku praktikkan. Makin lama, makin jarang. Sebab utama, aku hilang motivasi. Dorang cakap, kalau stress, workout. Boleh kurang kan stress. Pada masa yang sama, badan penat. Boleh tido dan rehat dengan lebih baik. Luka fizikal boleh nampak. Luka emosi? Sendiri tahu. 
Paling mujarab. Hand it all to the Lord.  
Sedih wei. Ini bukan sedih jenis ko boleh nangis sepanjang masa. Air mata pun takda.  Ini sedih yang makan dalam. Satu badan rasa. Lemah.  Hati sakit. Perut kosong. Tapi tak lapar. Makan tak lalu. Penat. Badan lemah. 
Penat. Mengantok. Tapi tak dapat tido.…

Are you one of them?

Are you one of them? 
Mungkin ada dikalangan kita. Mereka pun tidak tahu. They are one of them. 
Those who stays faithful to one another. 
Those who did good, untold, unseen. 
Those who found God. Reminded by God. 
Those we loved. May never have thought themselves as holy and religious. But their goodness is clear to us, and to everyone else. 
Blessed All Saints Day 

Are you afraid of death? 
All faithfully departed that had long gone to be with the Lord. In loving memory. 
I miss you. I miss your voice. I miss talking to you. In prayer we remember. 
Are you afraid of death? 
The more you know the Lord. You fear death less. 
Blessed All Souls Day 

Love, Malden.