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To do list.

Ok. I need to ensure I keep my "To do list" permanent somewhere. I begin to write about my to do list since 2009 back in University. It had been pretty awesome and target to cross more out of the list! .  1. Archery 2. Bungee Jumping  3. Sky diving  4. Horseback riding  5. Go carting  6. Ride motorbike 7. Ride ATV  8. Learn to juggle  9. Scuba Dive  10. Ride a Roller Coaster  11. Water Rafting  12. Kayaking  13. Jet Ski  14. Solve a Rubik's Cube  15. Finish a jigsaw puzzle  16. Go sailing  17. Sea cruise  18. Learn a foreign language 19. Hot air balloon ride  20. Attend a concert  21. Paint Ball  22. Learn a martial art  23. Roller skate  24. Skate board  25. Ice skate  26. Donate blood  27. Learn how to swim  28. Wall climbing  29. Go camping outdoor  30. Fly a kite 31. Colour run  32. Learn how to bartend & mix drinks 33. Learn how to be a coffee barista 34. Get a PhD 35. Enter a casino...and gamble perhaps?  36. Elephant ride 37. Watch dolphins  38. Play golf  39.…

Hati dan batu

Dia punya hati. Hati kuat. Hati keras. 
Kita tahu. Sekeras keras batu dalam sungai, Lama lama terhakis jua dek aliran air.  
Sekeras keras batu. Terhakis jua dek angin dan pasir. 
Batu itu. Makin hari. Makin nipis. 
Kau angin itu. Kau air itu. Kau pasir itu. 
Batu itu. Makin hari. Makin nipis. 
Lama lama, pecah. 
Batu itu. 
Batu itu, adalah aku.