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Your loving kindness

Yesterday was a mourning day for the nation. Remembering those who had lost their loved ones in the MH17 tragedy. It was devastating and it breaks every single heart. My condolences to all affected. 
Not very long time ago, I had heard several news about colleagues and friend who had lost their loved ones. Due to illnesses. Due to unexpected tragedy. I also heard news about people was admitted to the hospital. As I grew up, this had become pretty common. I bet my recent post was also about something similar. The world, or at least my surrounding had keep on reminding me that this world is temporary. Our time may be up any time soon. 
I do always reminded myself, I have tried hard to nourish myself spiritually. It is something I had tried to maintain and improve for years. I am a poor sinner and many times I got drifted away from God's love, it is something I always wanted to improve on. 
With all this happening to this world, I came across a number of celebrities I followed in Ins…

Life recipe

Aku baru masuk balik kat sini. Dah lama aku tak jenguk. Seriously. Dan blog korang aku follow apasal tak wujud dah weh! Apasal korang give up? Korang takda sini sapa nak baca blog banggang aku? Well, it use to be a platform where we ridiculed our self with our immature stories. Aku baca balik post aku, isu tak penting pun nak merepek. Zaman attention seekers dan zaman rasa diri bagus. 
Oh well. What brought me back here today? 
Recently many devastating stories I have heard and encountered. My facebook is so toxic that I decided not to check as long as possible. I would like to quote my friend's Matt status updates. Facebook used to be a platform for people to catch up with people's life separated by distance. Now, people post nonsense and promote hatred. Which I agree. Aku jarang bersetuju dengan Matt, but yeah, this one yes. 
Putting aside all those negative things. Yes I have been in a series of down moment and crossroads. Its depressing. Takda kot orang suka being …