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Apa ko rasa?

Pernah kah kau bangun pagi pagi. Kau sebenarnya dah bangun on time. Tetapi dah tabiat la kan mengelamun memanjang pepagi ni. Mengelamun punya mengelamun, check jam, aih dah kena masuk kerja!

Bingkas bangun dari katil. Bergegas ke kamar mandi. Mandi cepat cepat. Bersiap cepat cepat. Keluar cepat cepat.

Disebabkan kepantasan bersiap itu tadi, dalam perjalanan ke office tetiba teringat.

"Yah! Handphone aku. Sebelah bantal aku. Atas katil aku."

Perjalanan diteruskan dengan hati tidak tenang.

Kerja hari itu pun tidak tenang. Risau takut ada panggilan penting. Text penting.

Segala kerja hari itu dibuat dengan kurang rela hati. Risau. Hati gundah. Takut ada panggilan penting. Text penting.

Lunch break hampir hampir nak buat keputusan balik rumah ambil phone. Takut ada panggilan penting. Text penting. Tapi niat dibatalkan. Bazir pulak duit minyak dan toll nanti. Waktu rehat pun sejam je.

Petang tiba. Lagi 3 jam waktu balik. Sabar je. Kerja diteruskan. Hati masih tak tenang. Takut ad…

A letter for you, street car mugger.

To who ever broke into my car last night.
Hello Sir/Miss,
Your probably already know how I look like and my full name from my company’s access card and my business card. We are a research company; most of the things we work on are merely datas. After evaluating what I have lost, perhaps we could chat a bit about those things in your possession currently.
Firstly, my Touch and Go card. I don’t remember exactly how much credit left inside; the last time I used was two days ago, and my guessing I still have approximately RM20+. May the card help you when you needed it? Use wisely. Next would be my access key. Nothing much you can do with that card I supposed. I also merely used it to enter my office, one of the least favourite place to go. My name cards, in case you need to jot down some important number or points, you can use the blank page at the back of my cards. I hope it could be useful. My 4G pendrive, less than 1G space used solely for my songs. I normally sing My Wish by Rasc…