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Wishlist 2.0

I re-read my old blogspot. What a stupid write up I have there. Duh. Dah la first few post especially in 2009 era was SMS writing. Bluergh. Boring. I dont even bother to read about it for the second time. ngeahaha 
Anyway I stumble upon a very interesting post about My Wishlist way back in 2009/2010. Here's how the list goes and follow up a brief write up as per to date situation. 
10. A concert ticket
My first concert was Maroon 5 in Stadium Melawati. Their ticket was kinda expensive and I dint manage to get a near stage ticket. I got a free seating ticket and observe Adam Levine always awesome voice and performance. Throughout the year I had attended several more event. Watson music festival, Rainforest World Music Festival, Future Music Festival, Good Vibes festival, Arthur's Day and Urbanscapes to name a few. Oh wow. That's a lot. Proudly cross this from wish list. 
9. A ticket to Anfield
Oh well. This probably still going to be in my wishlist. I did not manage to go t…