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Quarter life crisis

So I am 25 years 1 month and 17 days old at the moment I am writing this. In my mid 20s. Cool.
So do I live to my expectations so far? Own a car, stable job, plenty of money. Well, yes I am.

I could provide for my own trip anytime, anywhere now. When I could just left everything behind and just go. This is the time when my doings would only affects me. I dont have to worry about bills not taken care of or childrens to look after. Just go.

I should get my passport stamped more. If you dont do this in your 20s, when you will? Plenty of place in mind now, time will decide to go. Then I will have plenty of stories in my 20s to tell when I turn 30. My scrapbook need more photos anyway, 2014 travel log in progress.

Being 25 is also the time I feel I can still be ridiculous, and look back and say "Hey, that time I am still young." Macam la ada time I wont ridicule myself. I may still ridicule myself even in my 30s. haha. Even more, you are old enough to give advice to people, even …