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Late 2013 review

Ahh.. there you go. Back here since my last post few months back. It is pretty common to review the year.
I just completed my 2013 scrapbook recently. Yeah, I am pretty traditional in keeping all the memories. You can do that your own way through facebook and instagram (anyway, i do have those), but I rather want to print out some moments.

I would say 2013 was another pretty amazing year. So many happy moments of course. It was crazy. Little did I realize I did so much in 365 days. See, if I did not have the photos printed out, I wouldnt have realize this. haha. Yes, much $$ was spent but i guess thats what $$ for, arent they? So in contrast im suppose to save more $$ in 2014. Lets see how that goes.

Then the happiness jar. Accidentally found it among my pile of clothes. Inspired by Jeannette, it was a good way to capture all the good moment too. I should have bought a bigger jar. Its overloading. Ahh..and you realize all the little gestures, good moments and tiny bits of thing that y…