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Tidur semakin kurang

Ok. Fine. Aku mengaku aku memang ada masalah susah nak tido. Lebih-lebih lagi aku yang suka fikir lebih-lebih pasal hari-hari esok. Aku memerlukan environment yang gelap dan senyap high probability aku boleh tido lena.

Malam tadi aku ingat nak tengok game Aston Villa vs Liverpool. Check match time. 12.00 am. haish. lewat pulak. Esok hari aku kena kerja. Lepas rajin aku memasak pumpkin aku beli, makan malam depan TV sambil tengok game Arsenal, rasa mengantuk pulak. Time-time begini sangat malas nak basuh segala peralatan memasak tadi. Aku beri motivasi diri, kalau bukan aku nak kemas, sapa lagi? End up aku basuh pinggan periuk segala, cuci toilet and do my laundry. Ha.. ambik kau. terbaik punya motivasi diri. Oh ya, sebelum aku memasak semalam aku berjaya tukar bulb luar rumah yang dah lama dah terbakar. Sangat gembira okay luar rumah dah terang....

Dah settle segala. Penat. Ahh..screw The Reds match. I could only wish the best. Aku sebelum tido baca cerpen ending kisah cinta sedih. Sa…

News feed

As much as I want to spend less time on facebook, I couldn't help but keep checking it on my phone during my free times and when I need quick distractions. Its kinda my source of news, name it the important ones or the annoying ones, friends' updates, as well as my source of laughter.

I noticed I have two category of friends' status updates..

Group A consists of people who keeps on nagging about their daily lives. How much work they have and counting every hours to get home. This are also the people who daily updates about how terrible the traffic jam they were stucked in. Post about food at the same shop many times. Posted about unnecessary things for people attentions as if we could help such as " Cant this shop change the channel already? This show is boring" ( cant you just please tweet about this?) They also post curse words to show their dissatisfaction towards their friends, neighbours, bosses or colleagues who are so called stabbed them at their back. In …

Transition state

Hey there,

I am reflecting my doings the past few months. I remember being unrest and nervous, constantly worrying about pile of work and personal stuffs. Recently I was send back to the station where I am supposed to be, I find I am more calmer here, despite a bit lonely.

Last year, I was seconded to our other station to help with some work over that side. With a very short notice, I depart. I was slightly heavy hearted to leave, wondering what would be ahead of me and a bit scared of what awaits. Eventually, I manage to settle down and get myself comfortable , without I notice it, I kinda like being there. After months, never I would thought that leaving would affect my emotions. There was this sad feelings clouds me, where I fail to find its cause. The kind of feeling I normally have whenever I am about to leave a place I have been comfortable with. And I came to know about me leaving affects those who've been helping/ working with me. I am touched.

Work is work. I left. Again …