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1 hour of perfect life

The plane past through the dark cloud and I could feel a pretty aggressive turbulence. Take off was smooth and easy but landing was the other way round. My head was heavy and my stomach was uneasy. I started to blame everything I had consumed for the past few days, excessively. Upon reading the day's paper on the Pope's message on consumerism and how we had neglected the poor, slight regret rises in me and the fear of the sin of gluttony appeared. 
Safe landing finally, although we had to spent few more minutes in the plane to wait for the plane to park according. Sizzling rain greeted us upon arrival in KL. I head straight to the taxi booth and paid RM105 to my destination. Yes, it was pretty far from the airport.
"Where to?" asked the taxi driver. I did not say a thing besides passing him my ticket. Stated there was my destination. He nodded. I am still evaluating my leave and my trip back home in my 1.45 hours plane ride and 1 hour journey home. I am avoiding conv…