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You may need to pass your un-required toys to someone else required it the most.

It was yet another very hot and dry weather. I started to feel dizzy and begin to see blinking star in my vision. At certain point, I slightly regret that I have to work in the nursery at this hour.


A message received.

"Lunch?" my colleague texted briefly, indicating its already lunch hour, and I forgot about the time again.

"Yes, please." I replied her text.

Met my colleague at the carpark, immediately she asked "Where to makan?"

"Somewhere equiped with an air-cond and sell cold drinks." I suggested.

That moment, simultaneously our brain signal us to go to McDonalds, because this is the place fits best to what I just suggested and located just nearby. Perfect!

So we reached McD, ordered our meal. I took BBQ McPepper for lunch whereas my colleague ordered Happy Meal as she said she was not that hungry to get a big portion of lunch set. So, as the happy meal came with a toy, she asked

"Mel, you want this toy? You can take it if you wan…