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People's act of kindness

Hi there.

The past week had been a very long and tiring week for me. I had been here and there. I kind of not remembering my where about seconds after I woke up in the morning, daily. My training in the field give me such  a mental and physically tiredness, although I do enjoy the training, but I just don't have the time alone for myself. The week was later added on with stretch of meetings that giving me headache and pile of works. And that was very exhausting.

The whole week, I have been bragging about being demotivated and uninspirational. Towards the end of the week, I somehow being spiritually lifted up. I couldn't explain how it works, but anyhow, it helps a lot. It strike to me, I may have fail to pay my attention to those who are close to me. I mean, I have been bragging about myself, my worries the whole week but have I been missing other important things in other's life? Therefore, judging from my friends' facebook statuses, it gave me some clue of those who …