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Small act of kindness

I opened my office door; turn back on the lights and the air condition. I sat down ready to continue my work after a heavy lunch break at the nearby Secret Recipe. Slightly regretting the heavy lunch I took as it started to make me a bit sleepy.

Knock, knock

I heard the knocks on my open office door, an indication that I welcome our staffs to meet me in my room without hesitation. Stood there was a staff, with his smile, holding on his right hand a transparent white plastic bag.

Good afternoon, miss. ……Ump, miss, have you taken your lunch?” he opened his mouth.

Yes. I just came back after having my lunch.” I answered.

Well, in that case, this is for you, from all of us” he smiled and handed me the plastic bag in his hand to me.

The plastic bag happened to contain a humble McDonald’s lunch set. He explained that it came from the staffs and workers, and keep thanking me for a good bonus they had received early this year. Well, I don’t feel I deserved to be thanked anyway, as the b…