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The long working hours and accumulative tiredness.

Hi. Been a very tiring 9 days for me. Conducting seminar and training for the planters and my skin hurt now because I'm burned. And yes I am tanned! Finally the event is over and it went well. I cant wait to have my long rest.

Despite all the tiredness, it is actually fun. Very seldom we get the opportunity to stay together with my fellow colleagues since we're based in different station. Sometimes we do crazy things together too. haha. At certain stage when Im very tired in between the programme, I just took a nap anywhere I am. I just dont care anymore and really cant stand the tiredness and sleepiness. Say it on the sofa in the lecture hall, inside the vehicle, in the meeting room..I slept. Never did that because its unprofessional but I just did. Well, we all did because we're very tired. I'm confident my colleague may have took photo of me while im sleeping, and i believe it gonna leak anytime soon.
Another thing is the food. Been offered and indulging myself with…

This could be my lame update...or not.

Hi. Im back. Lose my passion to blog.
Anyway, lot of events happened since my last post. I travel a lot lately. A minute I was in a different city, minutes later, im in another city. Well, its work. It might be tiring and stressful..yet fun. Still in the process to get a car, presented my project and receive both criticism and constructive comment. Was relieved also as my presentation, I can say went well. And that make me realize that 6 months had passed. I survived this place. Amazing.
Well, yesterday I tuned into Chong Wei. Well not so Chong Wei as I did not manage to walk into the final but got myself the 3rd place instead. Anyway, here the story about how I gotten myself into our company's closed tournament. I seldom play badminton. To me, badminton is a backyard game. I played badminton to fill my free times as kid. I played badminton at my house compound, in the open area where the wind may blow my shuttlecock away. I watch badminton sometimes, and i may get confuse with th…