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Caterpillars attack.

Here's the thing, currently I'm facing this pest problem in the nursery Im working at. Pretty bad condition actually. Try to control it, hopefully its under control any time soon. You know, these caterpillars may looks cute and adorable, because they came in many various attractive colours. But I have to hate them. They ate my seedlings and they are dangerous. Sorang nursery workers ritu tersentuh ulat bulu bengkak gila-gila tangan beliau. Oh yes, bertambah lagi satu risiko kerja saya. haha. A lot of risk actually, maybe i'll make one post on all the risk i have to take while working.
Here's what my boss said to me when he saw the serious caterpillars problem in my place.
"Oi..Mel! Ko jaga seedlings ka ternak caterpilars! Boleh buat zoo tau ni! "
Well, here's some photos of this caterpillar attacks. Oh my..they are everywhere.
Ada yang kaler hijau bulu-bulu.
Amboi. Comel nya engkau. Konon-konon pinkish-orange gitu!
Another one with different pattern.
Lagi kaler h…

My first 2012 post

Ho yeah...

Lama tidak merepek di sini. If you ask me my updates, a lot of updates..I'll just scribble whatever cross in my mind. Korang nak bercakap benda serius ka benda merepek-merepek. Tapi kan new year resolution saya untuk menjadi serius. Kenapa masih merepek lagi ni...

quick January 2012 recap.

+ Accidentally burned my hand while preparing my dinner. Celaka. Sudah la lapar. Minyak panas terpercik, tindakan refleks tangan lagi terlanggar frying pan, minyak panas tertumpah atas tangan. Pergh..terbaek punya panas. Mesti camtu rasa ikan kena goreng. Time kena, berdenyut tahap dewa segala cakerawala punya sakit, but luckily now, no scar. Yeah.
+ Ada orang bayar dinner free. meal. awesome.
+ As most of my working hours involve to be in the field, well, happen to meet this long slimey creatures in the estate. The snake. Several times. This work is indeed dangerous. Segala binatang buas pun ada, berbisa pun ada. So I just prayed for my safety ..and security of course. &qu…