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Just random thoughts before 2011 ends.

Hi. Prepare your mind to read my crap.
I just went back from registering my cousins for their new academic session in my former school. The school hadn't change much. My old class still look the same even after 6 years i left the school. Met some of my former teachers and did a little catch up on how life had been doing. Then i reflect life as a teacher and compared it with the job I currently doing, and, my decision is correct. I never wanted to become a teacher. haha.

Ok, so far I can conclude my 2011 had been great. I mean, in the beginning it start a little bit shacky but mid and end 2011 had been good. :D So i'll give a smile for that. Plus I have a good feeling now, my heart is at peace. Dont know the valid reason maybe the worry about getting a job is now finally at rest. You can see how worried I am in several of my previous post. haha. Now im laughing. I hope I always found reason to continue laughing in 2012 too. (eh..thought i wanna my 2012 to be serious)

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Malasnya mahu update blog

Haha. Kerja update blog bukan benda yang senang ok. Now I have a lot of story to tell everyday but I am just soooooo...lazy to type. Ok. 3rd day of Christmas. Rain heavily here. Flooded in some low lying area. Saya pergi visiting berlari-lari lam hujan sampai basah kuyup. Nevertheless, Christmas so far is awesome though it rain like waterfall. I runaway from Johor which is flooding at that time, I guess still flooding at this moment. I came back home, and here also flooding. haha. But its okay, nothing beat the feeling being home.
Ok. wont say much. Like I said, I am lazy. I just want to spend my laziness at home.
xoxo, Malden

p/s: Dont spread false rumours. dont believe what you read in the internet blindly. Kindly please check the source and whether it is completely true or not. If you have time to share false link, you should have a little time to check the truth behind it. Jangan fitnah. Jangan kutuk. Bukankah fitnah dan kutuk itu salah dan berdosa?
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