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Ikan berlari di darat.

Hello. Yes, i know you miss me. Sejak dua menjak ni malas mahu merepek di blog. Malas pula rasa sikit-sikit benda mahu kecoh-kecoh di sini. Aku pelik juga apsal aku sikit-sikit mahu gitau di alam maya. Tetiba aku benci internet.

Ok. Quick update :

1. Hepi sebab masalah $$$ setel. Terima kasih.

2. Pusak saya semakin banyak. Ada orang maok? Anak pusak comel.

3. Broke the news to my family, friends and colleague. Got various response.

4. HP bangang rosak speaker ka ntah pa benda. Orang kol tak dapat dengar suara. Sila SMS sahaja.

5. Sini jerebu.

6. Semalam Luis Suarez mesej pesan jaga kasut dia bagi elok-elok. Dia nak kol tapi tepon aku tak dapat dengar sora die so SMS je dapat. (ok. yang ni obviously tipu)

Pesanan : Selamat pulang ke kampung halaman sampena Hari Raya tak lama lagi. Drive, ride, fly safely my friends. Main mercun jaga jari tu. Pasang lampu lip lap dengan cermat tau. Terima kasih kerajaan sebab duit dan bonus masuk awal bulan ini.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang benar,


Just a little sharing for you to think about too.

I supposed the amount of money you ever donated to any kind of organization (if any) should remain anonymous. But I am not shame to tell you that I donated strictly RM1 every Sunday during the collection. RM2 most, untuk dua collection.

Let us do a little math.

A month (4 Sundays) x RM2 max = RM8

RM8 a month x 12 months a year = RM96 per year

Approximately 10 Holy days falls on weekday a year (Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Holy thursday and Saturday, All Saints Day etc ) x RM2 = RM20

Total : RM116 (amount I roughly donated to the Church per year)

Ni pun total kalau attendance aku full la setahun ke gereja. adeh.

Aku dah banyak kali berhibur. Let's take one example, di mana aku menghabiskan duit untuk memenuhkan salah satu impian. 16 July 2011. I went to KL, a two day one night trip semata-mata nak tengok pasukan feveret aku. Let's do a little math again.

Flight : Total Kch-KL, KL-Kch trip = ~RM200

Food and other expenditure =~RM200

Total : RM400++ (in two days)


Kakak Pandai

It happened that one day my officemate, a husband and wife, brought their son age five to the office after picking him from school. Like any other normal kids, he was running here and there, shouting and playing with what so ever things that catches his eyes.
Then the kid, named Johnny (bukan nama sebenar), approached me. At this time I was at my computer, busy doing my work. Johnny turned to his mum and said;
"Mak, ni sape?"
Johnny's mother answered "Ni Kakak Pandai. Jangan kacau dia buat kerja."
About weeks later, little Johnny appeared again at the office. This time, after taking his medication at the hospital. Apparently Little Johnny had asthma. Johnny's parent gave him a pen and a blank paper untuk diconteng-conteng, in order to keep Johnny's mouth shut. At this time, I was sitting at my desk, staring at my laptop as my work was done.
Johnny's mum pointed to me and said;
"Pegi sana, duduk dekat Kakak Pandai. Suruh dia ajar kamu k.."


Appreciation Day

Today at my church, the parishioner celebrated Hari Pahlawan. No wonder there's a lot of army in their uniform inside the church. Ex-armies were also present. In conjunction to Hari Pahlawan, the mass today was dedicated to the army forces to honour the service of our army to serve our country.
Few months back, there were large group of nurses in the church too. In conjunction to Nurses day, similarly, the mass was dedicated to our nurses to appreciate their work towards us all.
Having this days to honour praticular body, i kept me thinking, we have a lot of day of honour. Mother's day, Father's day, Teacher's day, Hari Pahlawan, Hari Polis, Hari Jururawat etc.
Kenapa ada certain hari untuk particular bodies? Kenapa tidak ada hari Pemungut Sampah? Hari Pak guard Sedunia? Hari Mak cik Cleaner sedunia? Hari pemotong rumput? Hari pekedai runcit? Hari drebar bas? I am not trying to make jokes here. I mean, this people are important too..dont you think?

One thing most people not comfortable to talk about

Yes, death. Least favor subject to be talked about. I admit that i, myself handle deaths horribly too.
I attended a funeral today, a very close relative. At first i wasnt gonna attend cause i dont like funerals but ignoring is wrong. I worked halfday and as i was driving the family's car, i have to pick everyone up. My working attire was quite appropriate for the occasion so no change of clothes required, i head straight to the venue.
Like i said, i handle death horribly. I dont like to see people cries, i dont like to hear the sound of people crying too. It breaks my heart. Of course, no one like losing their loved ones. Series of event that breaks me the most during a funeral service are : 1. The carrying of the coffin out of the house. 2. The last respect paying at the church. 3. The lowering of the coffin into the ground. I dont know how to hide my tears. To hold back the feeling, it hurts my chest. The trick is, to use sunglass to cover my eyes. urgh.
I get the chance to je…