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Bolasepak yg penat

Ari ni aku men bola. Mungkin awak salu dengar (baca) cerita aku men futsal. Yang ini bukan entri futsal2 dah. Kali ni, men bola. Ya..bola sepak yang men 11 orang tu.

Kisah bermula pabila kawan sekolah aku dulu-dulu men'kontek' cakap memerlukan orang men untuk team beliau. Dia ada dengar2 aku ada men futsal, so dia agak2 blah ar tu sepak bola. Di pendekkan cerita, aku trus TERjoin team tu men ptg td.

Imagine ar, men2 untuk team tu lam final. Gila ah.. RAsa cam pancit nak mampus men tengah hari, panas gila, pastu padang besar..Cam lari2 dah jauh dah p xsampai2 g ujung. Siap team lawan team tomboi lagi, dah leh agak dah dia orang main macam mana. Sepak pun kuat, terbang jauh..dengar bunyi pun kecut dah. Mula la nebes2 rasa nak berak la, muntah la, kencing la before main tu.

Tapi apa yang menarik team kami menang 4-2 ngan team tu. hahaha.. bleh2 dapat medal, jersey ngan duit. Bosan punya pasal la aku setuju nak main. Tapi seronok jugak..haha..champion terus, cayala..Lepas ni…

Convo Oh Convo

Graduation is the action of receiving or conferring an academic degree or the ceremony that is sometimes associated, where students become Graduates.

A Convocation is a group of people formally assembled for a special purpose.

Honestly, i do not feel the excitement as i imagine, as the day of my convocation approaches.
There's a lot of worries involve. I just do not want to crack my head, i just wish to stop thinking about it. I recalled, when i was a kid, i have this vision. To study my best, blaja tinggi2, masuk U, n Graduate. Imagining it at that time was filled with excitement. I imagine it to be the day full of joy, the day all my hard work finally paid off. But now, the thought is.."Its not gonna stop here. Teruskan.Teruskan." Mok pegi ka x? berbaloi x? PA yg besst sangat? ahhhhhhhhh..

I dont want to imagine anymore. Its not gonna happen as i imagined. Never happen so.
But please, on that day.... Pleasse make me keep smiling and relieve, God. After all …

Say I'm too nice? Live with it

Once you hurt me, i may wish upon bad things to happen to you. I wish your house burnt, your car scratched, your bike stolen, your family fighting and broken, no body loves you. Your carrier ruin. You failed. Your results sucks. Your beloved pet died. And so on.

Im Cruel? See the person i've become when you treat me badly. You let out the side of me that i \dont even know about its existence.

Luckily for you, when my maddest thought finally leaves me, my anger decline. No more revenge, or grudge, or vengeance or envy with me, i never.. yes..would never wish something bad happen to you.

Sometimes people said that im too nice.. because im treating those who had treated me badly, i treat them nicely. I dont know, I think its just in me. I have the tendency to forget what had happen in the past, because, we, human...could never avoid mistakes.

Today's Gospel reading..

Luke 11:9-13Jesus said to the disciples, "So I say to you, Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will fi…

As cold as the day

Its been raining heavily this past few days here. It rains in the evening most of the time, and proceeds all night. It is so cold, that a single layer of blanket is not enough to keep we warm. Whenever my sis woke up in the morning to go to school ( which she often awaken me as well whenever she turned on the light) i often stole her blanket. I mean, i use 2 blanket because in the morning, it is so cold.

Well, today was a funeral for a closed relative to my family. I woke up earlier on this morning, seeing my uncles and aunties were in the house, preparing themselves to attend the funeral. Im not sure whether to go or not as i am still sick. But the thought of doing nothing at home, make me wana go. however not long after that, a little argument with grandma in the kitchen make me decided not to go. well, you know old people like brag overly on small matter. Or maybe its me who is too sensitive. I dont know. What i know, im just not in the mood to talk to anyone, and they left me home …

Catching up old time frens

Well, last sunday was blast, as i could say. It was for me. At least the day kill my boredom for a while. Sunday morning begin with, waking up early. Yes, you must seem suprised, as i regularly waking up late in the noon this past 2 months..but yeah..sunday is the only day of the week i woke up as early as 7am..because im attending the church.

The so cold pipe water in the morning indeed cause me to shiver, and recall that about 5 years ago i wake up as early as 5.30am, take bath from the very same tap water and dint shiver as i am today. Maybe im so use to the water in penang that never cold..or perhaps not as cold as it was here. The water is not literally cold all the time, by noon it usually warms up (that is why i usually takes bath in the noon to escape the cold water).

Well, last sunday i went for a BBQ with some old friends of mine. Some i havent met for severals years and yes there's so much catch up to do. Some friends are my close friends and we meet regularly. The…

I Hate This Feeling Right Now

Another day passed by.. its boredom. The night is silent, the house is silent, the phone is silent, the dogs aint barking, the tv is boring, every1 is sleeping...

Gosh..this mix feeling keeps coming... the feeling of insecurity, uncertainties, worries, desire, loneliness....

Where have all the good feeling gone?

When its over

World Cup is finally over as we watched the Spaniards lifted the cup for the first time ever. Iker Casillas was seen crying in tears of joy when the cup was handed to the captain. This year's world cup was indeed different. We were suprized by the early dismissal of well known giants such as France and Italy. Italy failed to defend their champion tittle and both team, whom happened to be in the final of World Cup 2006 was knock out as early as grouping stage.

Mean while, well known interesting game played by Brazil and Argentina also fails. These two teams was predicted to reach the final. While Portugal potrays the biggest win , 7-0 over N. Korea was also knock out by the Champ.

Well, im pretty much happy to see the team i supported from the beginning reach the final. As im also supporting the Ducth..seeing both team in the final was a thrill. The final was indeed make my heart stopped from moment to moment..but the result does worth it. When the swiss beat the champ in the groupin…