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I built a christmas tree

Stranded at home, trying to figure out things ot do, somethig came to my mind..
I wanted to create the christmas environment in my house!
Yea.. i noe it is still early..but it is not wrong rite?
well, you're preparing yourself to celebarate the good day, then why wait? hehe..

So, the tree was built..
Even so, i;ve wanted to build the tree ever since when i arrived at home. but i came to my mind that creating too early festive environment might distract my sis, who currently sitting for SPM.
and i just couldnt help myself, and insisted to proceed on that tought to build the tree..
and guess who giving me a hand ?
My sis..haha

she just dont mind that i built the tree..even so, she mention that the tree shouldn't be a problem. I wont distract her from her revission..its just me being silly..haha go girl! that's my sis im talking about.


Im such a bad sis, am i? i omost hand her an inappropriate novel, and now im home distracting her doing her revision well for SPM..


house~ changed

Before I went back home, I once had this dream.I dreamt bout going back home, but I barely recognize my house. In that dream, my house was bigger, and I get my own room. Later, I found myself lost in my own house, trying to find my way out..
The dream involved several weird events but later I thought it was quite an interesting event to dream about, such as collapsing brick when I try to find my way out, being chased by a toy train, slippery runway which is fell and stumble upon when I was running and being hit by a huge round balloon falling from the roof..haha.. Sound like things you seen in the movie rite?
Well, when I reached home, my house definitely had a little makeover. So, now I could see the connection with the dream I had ealier..
Let’s check the little changes : The road to my house had been repaired. The road was badly affected by the major flood years before.The floor in the kitchen had been tiled.I had a new room, shared with my sis. The room was pass o…