Tomorow is Genetics

Tomorow is my genetics final paper...i feel worried..i dont know y..many things inside my head and i barely know which one is actually caused this uneasy feeling.
wether it is my final exam, o final year project, o wether is it about that im still uncertain when i should go back home after the exam is over. or where i am going to crash for my few weeks stay back for my final year project. I could feel the stress coming.I kinda losing my focus, but not yet. Im still getting my head straight. Focusing on with one matter most first. yea..tomorow's paper. I think, i would just let it depends on my luck. I've put so much effort for this paper. I've already spent much time doing revision for the paper itself. So, i hope for the efforts that i've put, could at least help me tomorow. Now, i wana rest..Whatever the question may be tomorow, I hope that I could know the answers..

-Keeping my positive mind-


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