Dont simply buy a book with nice cover

When i return home for a while, about 6 months ago, i could see my sister love reading novel. So i decided to buy her some. when i called her, and i asked what kind of novel she liked, she answered "Beli jak mana-mana".

So with limited knowlegde regarding current novel, i search for suitable novel for my sis. Alongside with me in the bookstore was ,again, Step. Well, you can expect what kind of opinion she gave me. Because the books in the stored was all wrapped, i cannot go through the books briefly, except for the synopsis at the back of the book. So, being attracted to books with nice covers, i end up picking book with nice covers and convincing interesting-like synopsis. I paid the books, and the cashier had to unwrapped the books in order to remove the tags. Step, open one of the books, when we stop by to grab a drink and light meal at KFC. She showed the book to me. I read the first sentence an was suprised.

"Sex was never meant to be this unnatural"
Yes, that was the first sentence. OMG. can you imagine im giving that kind of book to my 17 year old sis.? I recall when i was in form 5, well, i can accept that kind of stuff, but i dont know my sis. For her to discover that kind of stuff by her self, i dont mind. but, It is just feel weird and inappropriate for me to give her that kind of books. Well, i mean , there's many other proper books to be given to her!

When i return to USm, I did a little skimming on the first chapter of the books. The sex in the begining of the chapter was about this couple whom was trying to get a baby. So they did some after-sex-position, in order to increase the percentage og getting pregnant. So, there's a lot of positions and adult words involves. I do not know about rest of the story and i oso do not have the urge to read it. Im just not into novel anymore. the last time i read a thick book was back then when i was in high school, and i never completed reading a novel.

haha It is funny though. I guess, the saying, "dont judge a book by its cover" is indeed true. Attractive covers does not mean the book has interesting stories!

Well, lessons learnt today:

1. Dont buy a book just because it has attractive cover.
2. Check the content of the book.


  1. hahaha ambik kau
    try cecelia ahern then hee

    cerita apa itu btw?
    *angkat2 kening*

  2. kantoi plak ku 'rajin' bc buku tym tgu kfc!!bwahahahaahaha
    ngok aaa buku ya!
    ko len kali bli la sherlock holmes ka...shinchan,xda kaitan!
    glamer jap la aku tok 2 posts ko da nama aku!!bwahahaha

  3. eh kinek tok boleh download buku cita dlm internet.. websitenya jeng jeng jeng : mungkin ko hadiahkan adik ko website tok, bolehlahnya download mana2 buku yg nya rasa nya suka.. ehheh

  4. biar betik c amau tok????
    lalu ku pun try mlayari.....
    mun da buku agathe christie free, ku bg ko prezen!!!! a kiss....huhuhu uuuweekkk..sori melot, ku curang jap d blog ko...


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