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Its weird..but it is the fact...Its weird when the stadium is full with thousands of supporters during the final of Piala Malaysia but is not during the grouping and qualifying stages. Yup..lets face the fact. No all are truly interested watching our local football league compared to English premier league. Tell me, who doesnt know Manchester United? The Man Utd fans in M'sia is enough to outnumbered the number of people following the local league.

Why people are less interested to watch local football? Is it due to this several factors?

1. Local players are not as handsome as players in the English league
2. Local players are not skillfull
3. the game play is slow
4. indiscipline players
5. indiscipline supporters
6. financial limitations
7. lack of facilities
8. stadium securities
9. Refferee and game judging
10. The cup and the prizes

Now, you answers it yourself. You do know the answers, or even better answers than i do..


COngrats to n.9.
To the rival, being sportpersons, discipline is the main factors that needed to be kept up. Players most certainly, and the supporters for instance as well. Losing, is part of the game. If you didnt lose, who gonna win? Its lose or win thing. Not winnnig, the feeling is not great..yea,,nobody like losing. but if you do, face it in the most proper,professional way..

Photo from KOSMO!

Not by throwing fire crackers inside the stadium..or burning public facilities and banners. Not by starting a fight in the stadium or even in the game.
Do you see this kind of thing in EPL?

-makan bola, tido bola. Bola kita...-


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