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Of doing revision and playing games

Why is it so hard for you to further your notes reading session after completing only 2 lines?
But it is a no problem for you to stare at your laptop staring at the screen for 2 hours playing games.

Why is that your hand get tired easily when taking notes?
But your hand isn't easily get tired after hours clicking the mouse and pressing the keyboard buttons.

Why is it easy to get distracted by gadgets near you when you do your studies?
But you dont get distracted (*at all) by many books near you when you play games.

Why is it so easy to feel sleepy after seconds reading your notes?
But you play series of games till dawn, not felling sleepy at all.

Why is it you easily forgotten thing that you just have read minutes ago?
But you can remember well, most of the names of footballers in FIFA 09.

Why is it doing revision is not as much fun as playing games?

(the writer is currently suffer the pre-exam syndrome...but you need not to worry..she'll be alrite..)

Gambarku bukan Gambar Biasa

1. Aku yang bayang-bayang ya rupanya bayang2 aku. haha..Ada la juak figure ala2 aku..Plus extra panjang..
(photo taken otw back to Tekun from tapak Konvo somewhere in August. Taken under streetlight near School of Mathematics )

2. Cartoon version of me

I bet every1 must hv read comic at least once in their life. Ever wondered how you may look like if you are 1 of the characters in the comic? If the comic is about superheroes with superpowers, my superpower would be,..the ability to teleport..ugh..always wanted that..aha..Well, i may look like this in the comic without my heroic costume.

(picture drawn by a cartoonist during USM convocation)

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Huh..i donno what is this mirror called. It potrays image of u as a shorter person, err.. something like a dwarf figure and oblong-shaped head.

Look silly huh?

Highlighter obsession

Before, I couldn't see the effect if this notes-higlighting phenomenon . Upon seeing a friend's notes filled with many different colours of highlighter, the notes look pretty a mess. So, to me at that time, what's the point you highlight the whole notes and unable to differentiate between the main points and the irrelevant supporting details. Yea, compared to my notes, which is obviously purely clean, it is much easier for me to read and understand the notes without hurting my eyes. (yala tek, buku teks pinjam skolah mpun ba, xkan mok conteng kot.)

Well, that was before.

Now, Im one of the highlighter-obsessed victim. I found that it is easier for me to detect the main point if it is highlighted. At a glance, you'll see my notes will look like a mess. But it ease my revision coz I dont have to re-read the whole passage again.
(so, minta maaf la org yg aku kutuk dulu highlight2 nota ya..ngee~).
After taking Thinking techniques course (huh..yala tek ..ku perlu teknik berpik…

When people misunderstood the sign

Kadang2, org salah paham sign. Maklumla, masing2 ada cara interpret sendiri. Especially kalau sign tujust gamba jak, xda perkataan apa yg memaklum tu gamba apa. Contoh gamba di bawah.

Adakah gamba ini menyatakan bahawa terdapat seseorang yg mempunyai kuasa untuk menarik 3 keping kertas dengan hanya menggunakan tgn nya?


Gambar ini bermaksud "Sila, buang sampah di sini".

Tetapi, sekiranya tanda ini di tepi mesin ATM, adakah ia bermaksud sebegini?

Hmm..mugkin kah?
(aksi di atas ya adalah hasil kerja Step)

Kadang2, sign yg bertulis pun agak sedikit menipu. I mean, what the sign says is not exactly true. Mari kita lihat gamba di bawah.

Hmm..Tipu la sign ni. Dr sign ni, sampai ke tempat yg di tujui, lebih dari 5 minit.
(Aku rasa sign tok sengaja mok polah org excited, konon2 da dekat mok sampe, padahal g jauh.)

Kadang2, sign yang bertulis pun orang still xpaham2.

Sign in jelas menyatakan tidak dibenarkan terjun. Siap dalam 2 bahasa lagi.

Tapi kenapa still ada org macam ini???

Time sekolah dulu


Dark blue school uniform+ bata shoes +square Swan school bag.
Light blue pinafore+All Star white shoes

Hmm..cant believe that Im done with my "schooling" phase. Do you realize that, during that time, you actually spent more hours in school that at home...?

I recall all those school rules that we have to obey. And it is COMPULSORY to obey those rules, if not, be ready to face the discipline teacher.
(time ya, pa jak benda WAJIB, means betul2 wajib. Xpolah, xpegi, xekot...kena la kau ngan cekgu kelak..)

#Rule 1 : Name Tags on all the time.

Excuses such as "Teacher, I forgot to wear my name tag this morning" or " I lost my name tag" were totally unacceptable. To the teachers, those excuses are common. Even sometimes, when you really do lost your nametag or forgot to wear your name tag, the rule tetap kena denda juga. So, xda name tag , stat la cuak....

#Rule 2 : Students must be in their classroom all the time.

Except during recess, PJK and w…

SMS yg cam sial..


My phone beep. On the screen appeared,

'1 Message received'

from an unknown number.
Without any doubt n as a common reaction whenever i received a text message,
I opened it. And....

"Hihi..reply saya OK or YES kpd saya utk tgk movie yg powerful & sexy!!
Cepat cepat..."


Futsal kosmo 09

Yea..after tiring weeks of preparation and training..
The day we are waiting for finally arrived.

Tribute to my teammates, as we managed to obtain the 4th position out of 40+ teams.
I know what the team is capable of, therefore, to me the position was not bad. Plus, we reached our target for the tournament. So congrats Bola Itu Bulat Crew! *clap2..

However, there are some unlikely scenes I encountered during the tournament...

Yang aku x puas hati...

1. Org ber'asap' (merokok)

- Sebelum g main, fogging, selepas main pun fogging lagi...dah la kawasan universiti, sah2 kawasan xleh merokok.."DILARANG MEROKOK" sign maybe xpayah lagi la nak lekat kat mana2. Kita tukar la, letak "MEROKOKLAH"..n c wat will happen. Well, people always do the opposite of what the sign says. Maybe this could help??

2. Org wat scene panas

Kategori yang termasuk dalam scene panas:
i ) berpelukan di tempat awam
ii) cuddling, hugging, kising (escpecially among couples) dan kegiatan yang sama species

Is it all O.R.A.I.T?

Yes..ICG 09 ..

Well, a lot of stuff going on during ICG, from Hari Raya to Video Making to Artist came singing ...
There were also some not-so-good-stuff too..haha (well, lets rather not talk about it..)
But yet. Is it all O.R.A.I.T?

Hmmm.. Let's C wats not O.R.A.I.T at all.

1. When people turn evil....

2. When people do inappropriate things...

3. When people fell asleep...

4. When people poking someone's else nose...

5. When people asking weird questions with their very own ways...
Ermmm..the asnwer for the above question is definitely..

6. When people lose their attention..

*aku suka gambar tok..aku imagine mun aku tolak step, kak ya step tolak yen, kakya kpd jenny, kakya angel and kepada duke and seterusnya..guguk kedak dominoes..haha..

*well, 'Say O~R.A.I.T' people... woowowowo... -